Beauty: testimonial, adornment … or sexism?

Beauty is intrinsic to a particular soul … maybe somewhat along the line of an undiluted reflection of the inner perfection. (Image source: Getty / Forbes)

When we say this, we unambiguously refer to the deliberations and denouncements that race, colour and creed bring on to the table, layered with dogma, cherishment, chastity, and last but not the least, a judicious preferentialism.

But as unusual as it may sound, I was just skimming through old news clips (one of my favourite past times), and it caught my attention that January 2019 (exactly a year before the onset of the pandemic) was ‘lauded’ as ‘Janu-hairy’ by the fashion media, in reference to the ‘mini-movement’ focusing on evolution and maintenance of underarm hairs.

Traditional definitions of machoism and male chauvinism go hand in hand with classical male attributes. On a different note, the criterion of being handsome is not defined by the presence or absence of body hairs! (Image source: gentsac)

Except the sexual fantasies and the carnal implications it brings to the population, a direct comparison between males and females remain out of the question, due to obvious reasons.

‘Janu-hairy 2019’ … although it sparked interests and controversies, there is little denying to the bold underlying tone of an unconventional fashion statement. Laudable! (Image source: Ruth Fremson/ The New York Times)

As unique and sinister it may sound, and provided you are patient and shrewd enough to isolate the facts from the fiction, a vast majority of the illuminati are prudent enough to not leave comments.

Add to the power of the social media today, a trend can become an evolution, as well as the opposite, within a matter of weeks or months.

Who understand it better than the Greeks? (Image source: BBC)

An African American, a Hispanic, a Latina, a Caucasian, an Asian … the flood gates of fashion bohemianism have been long opened past the event horizon.




Scientist by profession | 60% Socialist — 40% Capitalist at heart | Rational Investor | Writer | (Secret) love: Dramatics | Above all … an ‘Observer’ !

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Sharadwata Pan

Sharadwata Pan

Scientist by profession | 60% Socialist — 40% Capitalist at heart | Rational Investor | Writer | (Secret) love: Dramatics | Above all … an ‘Observer’ !

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