The ‘Chicken’ Games !

As petite as it seems and sound, this meek creature has been rightfully or wrongfully pulled out into sublime analogies via the global, tactical warfare between governments and administrations, states and countries, politicians and diplomats, and only God knows what else! Historical evidence behind this is uncertain, but public examples are perpetual and universal! (Image source: betterchickencommitment)

An analogy can be drawn with the incident concerning the US Attorney General in the Congress in the summer of 2019, when his absence was ‘celebrated’ by consuming literal chickens and placing a chicken statuette on his table!

Both parties should anticipate beforehand, what the other party is supposed to do. When you observe that the other party is following the identical course of action, which you had originally anticipated, then you have to move away! Otherwise, you remain on course, and the other party follow the identical course of action!

Is there any better example of ‘chicken’ games than the ‘cold war’? It lasted nearly half a century (1945–1989). Wait! Has it really ended? (Image source: Thinkstock / BBC)

Take anything, pandemic, environment, nuclear power adaptability … the foreign policies are predominantly adopted and advertised based on mind games!

United States and China have always been involved in ‘chicken’ games. Although evidently, it reached historic proportions during the early days of the pandemic. Remember the remark by the ex-POTUS: ‘China-virus’! (Image source: GQBUZZ)

Consider the ‘tug-of-war’ between China and United States, in the wake of the pandemic.

Then, let’s take the Paris Agreement.

And then, the perpetual tension between India and the neighbouring countries, Russia and United States (forgot cold war days!), and of course, Biden’s decision to withdrew troops from Afghanistan.

Although not strictly a ‘chicken’ game, Biden’s decision to withdrew troops completely from Afghanistan could backfire, with the Taliban poised to almost certainly recapture Kabul in the coming days / weeks. On this instance, I believe US did not assume the ‘point of no return’ convincingly! (Image source: AP / Republic World)




Scientist by profession | 60% Socialist — 40% Capitalist at heart | Rational Investor | Writer | (Secret) love: Dramatics | Above all … an ‘Observer’ !

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Sharadwata Pan

Sharadwata Pan

Scientist by profession | 60% Socialist — 40% Capitalist at heart | Rational Investor | Writer | (Secret) love: Dramatics | Above all … an ‘Observer’ !

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