The Price of Complacency

Everyone who is dying today due to COVID-19, is someone’s mother, father, son or daughter. Realise that before you take that step to show a ‘middle finger’ to the social distancing norms. (Image source: Businessinsider / REUTERS / Amit Dave)
Does it look like social distancing norms? Oh no, maybe that ‘divine intervention’ will save you from the virus! Either way, you are screwed. But then, who cares? (Image source: ABC News / AP: Karma Sonam)

When you are more interested in summoning divine interventions to tackle a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives, rather than to obey scientific advice, and that you are doomed to fail, is a mere foregone conclusion!

How many times have we said, desperate times, desperate measures! India had lots of time to carefully think about the impending second wave and take necessary measures to counter it. And yet, here we are, annihilated by mutations, decimated by public perceptions as a whole, and lambasted by the utter nonsense, and an abysmal, lackadaisical attitude of both the central and state governments (there are exceptions, though).

When the cremation grounds run out of spaces! If you are not sensible now, you will see more of this in the coming days and weeks. (Image source: CNN)

You want to give the excuse of density of population, and the sheer demographic figures? Look at China. With numbers exceeding yours by a considerable margin, they still fare a lot better by all means! Yes, even with reports of underreported figures pertaining to the number of infections and deaths related to the pandemic. If the situation demands harsher measures, then let be it so.

If a second lockdown is necessary, impose it, before it’s too late! 12 million people died in India during the Spanish Flu, the highest amongst any nations.

India needs more and more oxygen now, literally! (Image source: DNA India / ANI)

Wear the masks. Stand apart. Take the jabs. Be sensible. Is it really so difficult? Life is long. Why do you want to cut it short yourself? If you live, you will be able to recount the days lost and refill the time. What’s the glory in relishing now and die?




Scientist by profession | 60% Socialist — 40% Capitalist at heart | Rational Investor | Writer | (Secret) love: Dramatics | Above all … an ‘Observer’ !

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Sharadwata Pan

Sharadwata Pan

Scientist by profession | 60% Socialist — 40% Capitalist at heart | Rational Investor | Writer | (Secret) love: Dramatics | Above all … an ‘Observer’ !

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